Anya Productions works as an active link between culture and artists, between business and public sector. Anya Pro provides management, new concepts and design services in the field of art.
The company produces also events, performances and workshops.


We offer

• Art management, training and consultation
• Comprehensive production services from ideas to reality
• Events and shows for all ages
Our professional services include everything in the field of art management from managing small groups to developing art management of public organizations. We offer ready-made training packets for artists, event organizers, societies and organizations. We also produce a great variety of versatile shows and events and we assist on productions of our clients. We are with our clients from the beginning of the ideation process. Regarding the needs of the client, we can also take care of the whole production by coordinating, informing, marketing and selling. There are memorable shows, workshops and events for all ages. All of our shows and workshops can be ordered in alternating places all over the world.


Art  Market

Theater program

For children on tour:
Kiertoo – interactive performance about recycling
Lokki ja Kalastaja Seagull ja fisherman (Opera)

For adults on tour:  
Viikset/ Moustache

Theatre -concepts
Santeri ja sataman arvoitus
Concept, how to create theatre play outside -from idea to action.

Workshops & lectures
Working same time as a entrepreneur & artist.
How to start up with your own art company?
New models at art fields at municipal.


2012 Acknowledgement of producing the 20th Anniversary Event of Savonia (University of Applied Sciences)
2011 The best cultural operator of  Kuopio (City-magazine)
2010 City act –reward (local newspapers of Kuopio)


For more information, please contact or call +358 40 5383823